Alright, I’ve had some nourishing food, taken an anti anxiety, did a bit of Goddess worship/meditation, hung twinkle lights, wrote some affirmations and am listening to Mary lambert. My anxiety and insomnia are not welcome, I have class tomorrow!

Very wonderful 💜

Note to self: you do not need to dress yourself up or perform just because you are meeting new people on your first day of class tomorrow. You should wear clothes that make you comfortable rather than clothes that you think will make others comfortable with you. Your brain is what connects you to others best, rather than performance.

My room is such a gentle and relaxing place and I am in love with the warm glow of my salt lamp #me

Kind of want to walk to the store to get snacks but also I’m such an anxious little nerd… Hngggg

Curry is a) my current number one self care and b) basically the only thing I ever have the ingredients for

I feel like suicide is really inescapable. I’m doing some assigned reading for class and it is heavily focused on suicide as well as dysfunctional families and I’m just

What is the universe trying to tell me with all of this! Why is it so frequent!!!